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The Company

Urgent cleaning is a professional cleaning firm that serves Edmonton region of Canada as well as areas nearby. We are committed to rendering both residential and commercial services to our customers in an outstanding way. Also our hardworking staff of competent cleaners. We want to surpass our customer's expectations and deliver a clean and refreshing environment by putting a focus on quality and paying close attention to detail. For all of your cleaning requirements in Edmonton, now you may pick our exceptional cleaning services. Discover the difference between a clearing service that is committed to offering great outcomes. Set up an appointment with us right away, and while you concentrate on what is essential to you, let us handle the cleaning chores.

Our Squads Uniqueness

Top-notch Performance

Our staff was highly motivated by a passion for improving personal and professional spaces by raising the bar for cleanliness and elegance.

Customer-centric Approach

Their development is proof of their everlasting dedication to quality and client satisfaction. When seeking immaculate, spotless cleaning, persons and businesses frequently turn to our cleaning services.

Ecological Accountability

We take pride in using environmentally friendly cleaning methods. We employ ecologically friendly cleaning chemicals that are secure for both inhabitants and the environment because we understand the significance of sustainability.

What We Do

Urgent Cleaning specializes in delivering comprehensive cleaning solutions that cater to a diverse range of environments. From the comfort of homes to the professionalism of commercial spaces and even the aesthetic appeal of driveways, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces into pristine realms of cleanliness.
Our residential cleaning services go beyond tidying up, we create living spaces that exude freshness and comfort. Whether it's a routine cleaning or a deep cleanse, our expert team ensures your home remains a haven of well-being.

For businesses, our commercial cleaning services ensure that your workspace reflects your commitment to professionalism. We understand the importance of a clean and inviting environment, and we make sure your office or store leaves a lasting positive impression on clients and employees alike.

We Primarily Do

Residential Cleaning

Do you know what? A clean home equates to a happy home! You can guarantee that your residence will always be clean and organised by hiring a residential cleaning service without having to give up your free time. Urgent Cleaning provides top-notch residential cleaning services. We maintain your home's cleanliness by following cleaning schedule for home. It's time to experience a healthier & cleaner home.

Commercial Cleaning

It need not be a chore to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. You can gain a number of advantages from hiring a commercial cleaning services that will simplify and relieve some of the tensions in your life. If you are seeking for commercial kitchen cleaning services , professional bathroom cleaning services and waste disposal near me Then Urgent Cleaning will be the appropriate one.

We Also Do

Driveway Cleaning

The concrete on your property that is used and mistreated the most is the driveway. Pressure wash driveway cleaning we do at best for our customers. To withstand the oil, gas, mud, and other factors, they must be tough. For getting rid of all that filth, our professionals providing driveway cleaning services have the ideal equipment. The ideal tool for assisting in the removal of all those unattractive stains is our flat surface cleaner. Stains on your driveway will be more difficult to remove the longer they are permitted to stay there.

How We Work

Pick a time

Specify the location where you require cleaning service with the selected time and date.

Book an Estimate

Request a price quote or schedule an appointment for cleaning services with just one click.

We Clean

You unwind & savour your free day, we are here to take care of your cleaning Needs.

Mess? No Stress! Our Cleaning Team is the Best!

Exceptional expertise

Experience matters: If you need routine upkeep or a one-time deep clean service, our skilled staff can leave your area spotless.

Attention in detail: We meticulously inspect every nook and cranny to make sure no detail is missed.

Personalized Services

Customised Approach: We are committed to provide outstanding cleaning solutions that are customised to your businesses specific requirements.

Flexible Services: Our services can be used for either home or commercial purposes.

Focus on the Intricacies

Effective method : Each & every crevice is perfectly cleaned by our cleaners who pay close attention to detail.

Trustworthy outcomes: The results are constant and trustworthy services everytime we clean which is much assured.

Well Grounded & Structured

Effectual Procedures : Our simplified processes maximise effectiveness while causing the least amount of inconvenience.

Innovative Approaches: Our techniques decrease waste and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Environmental Liability

Eco-friendly products: We use chemical free cleaning products that prevent you from exposure to harmful substances.

Replenishing ability: We have the ability to restore damaged regions and turn them into pristine, revitalising spaces.


We are an award-winning provider of cleaning services that understands the significance of its employees to its success. During the years we have passed several milestones.


We are sure that you would receive top-notch cleaning services, and you are also covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that cleaning is done as per your specification.


We are certified businesses that fulfil the highest industry standards for safe, secure and efficient cleaning services. Our company complies with ISO requirements too.


A squad of cleaning professionals supports us. Our ability to offer comprehensive solutions is strengthened by our network of partners and coworkers.

Experience the Urgent Cleaning’s Touch

Exceptional cleaning services that you can count on. You may just dwell in the present and Let us take care of your cleaning chores.

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